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Soul Truth A memoir about the journeys we take across borders and within

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πŸ’— Soul Truth is an adventurous tale spanning Australia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. It is a story of love, loss, community, and connection, infused with sage wisdom about the journey to meet our untethered selves.

At the age of twenty-eight, Bianca had a flourishing career. She had climbed the corporate ladder and was well on her way to achieving the β€œGreat Australian Dream”. But one autumn day, as she sat in her office staring at the grey, confining walls of expectations, deadlines and detachment, she had one of the most profound epiphanies of her life. She realised that her lifestyle and core values were fundamentally misaligned.

In this unmasked memoir, Bianca Caruana shares the events that unfolded after her courageous decision to steer away from her charted course and lead a life guided by her heart.

About the author: Bianca Caruana is the founder of The Altruistic Traveller β€” a travel blog that shares resources about sustainable and inclusive tourism and Bianca's own personal stories/adventures as a long-term vagabond.

πŸ‘‰ Watch Bianca's Instagram Q&A about Soul Truth: instagram.com/p/CqBrcReoKH2/

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Hi everyone,

I'm delighted to share my book β€œSoul Truth” which I wrote on the back of over seven years as a travel blogger with a focus on the intersection of travel, personal growth and sustainability.

The book shares my journey from the corporate stockade into a values-led life where I fell more in line with who I wanted to be in this world. It shares my journeys through Southeast Asia and the trip to Nepal that led to my first real encounter with spirituality. Think of the book genre as Anthony Bourdain meets Danielle Steel 😊

What readers are saying:

🌈 "A veritable rainbow of colour."
πŸ’• "Very well-written tale of the pursuit of happiness and the journeys of life."
πŸ™ "A book for the ones who wish to truly know themselves."

I'm super grateful for the chance to share this with the TM community and to meet some of you at the launch in London.

You can buy the book on Amazon or in local book stores in Sydney & London - www.amazon.com/Soul-Truth-memoir-journeys-borders/dp/B0BZF8VHNW

If you have any questions about the book, feel free to ask!


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Sounds like an interesting journey! Can you share a bit more abut the process of writing a book? How did that look like for you in the seven years of writing it - were you on it the whole time, or did the writing muse come and go? How was the publishing process as well?

10 months ago

Thanks, Maria! I had one of those "a-ha" moments last year when I felt it was time to put my words in a place that would remain evergreen. I had a lot of content on the blog but I really felt to share my story - the story of when I left my career and life in Sydney to the time I ended up in Nepal. It became a process of deep reflection and flow. I didn't preempt the ending or the next chapter, I just let it all come out in a way that felt intuitively right. I decided to self-publish due to the fact that I could not afford the rates of the publishers. It has been a relatively simple process through Amazon. It's the self-promotion that seems to be the hardest part. :)

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Soul Truth

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