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Epic Monday

A global catalog of prefab houses
Created by Peter
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Epic Monday is an online database of prefab houses, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and tiny homes. You can find 466 prefab models from 185 manufacturers in North America, Europe and Australia.

🏡 Catalog of Prefab Houses. Identify the most profitable prefabs at your market. Leverage hours spent on researching the best performing prefabs on Airbnb, paired with prefab manufacturers. This data is gold.

📈 AirBnb Profit Calculator. Calculate how much you can make, and the best case and worst case scenarios. Add seasons, rates, costs and all the details. Then calculate your return of investment.

🙌 Crowdfunding. We match investors with the best glamping projects.

📧 Newsletter. Get monthly insights about vacation rentals & prefabs.

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CEO, Surf Office

I've been researching different prefab manufacturers and had them all in one Google Spreadsheet

Then I asked myself: Why not to make it public?

Since publishing it, I started to get a lot of questions from people who would like to start a glamping business.

So I added more resources and pivoted Epic Monday this direction.

Happy to receive any feedback and comments!

1 month ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Great idea!

1 month ago
CEO, Surf Office

thank you!

1 month ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

What a great resource! I worked in the marketing team of a glamping site in Slovenia many years ago and have a special connection with the field - love it.

Why is ti called Epic Monday?
When did you start collecting the data and how much time did it took?
How often do you update the information on the already existing rentals in the sheet?

1 month ago
CEO, Surf Office

My initial idea was to build own cabins and operate them under the brand Epic Monday, with the concept attracting remote workers.

I built a prototype:

...and then Covid came. As I already had a name and domain, I used it for this project.

The information about rentals was added organically, we updated it all a few weeks ago.

1 month ago

This is cool Peter, I was recently working out of a coliving Cabin in a remote acreage and it made me think of the business opportunities possible if you were to just have many of these cabins on a large plot of land. Could be kind of interesting to have a little remote work community/village of sorts. Although I'm sure there are legal restrictions on having so many dwelling units on one piece of land.

I'm curious, what's the story behind the name?

1 month ago