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June 2021
Adventure travel in Bulgaria and Europe

Travelling Buzz is a travel blog about adventure travel in Europe.

My name is Maria, I’m from Bulgaria and I currently live in Sofia.

I started Travelling Buzz in 2013 to help people with first-hand information and tips about the places I visit, mostly in Europe at the time. I didn’t want to share my stories 20 times after I return home. So I decided to write about my experiences and those who wanted would read them.

With time, I met many people during my travels that didn’t know anything about Bulgaria. Even I didn’t know much about my home country. That’s why I started to write more and more about Bulgaria in order to help more people (and me) realize what a beautiful place it is.

My goal is to inspire you to travel more and to be adventurous! There are so many beautiful places you can visit. You just have to make the first big step.

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1 year ago

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