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Travel tips for Skopje, North Macedonia?

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I am spending a few days in Skopje, North Macedonia, with my friends this weekend. This thread might help other visitors in the future. Has anyone been?

Let me know your travel tips and things to do in and around Skopje 🇲🇰

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Hi Maria, recommend to get in touch with Aleksandar & Ivana of mustseedonia.com ! Enjoy!

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Hi and thanks Kirsi. Maria hi and let us know if you need anything around here. We’ll be happy to help you.

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I ended up having a great time in Skopje. Here are some of my travel tips for anyone looking into visiting North Macedonia.

Things to do:
Besides the obvious walk in the Old Town, here's some of my recommendations.
• The Museum of Macedonian Struggle – very well made museum with a huge collection of items and wax figures representing iconic moments from the country's history.
• Matka Canyon – a walk in Matka Canyon is a must when visiting Skopje. It's 20-30 minute drive from the city. There's a well made walking path on the Canyon, a few restaurants and cafes on the way. You can also get a kayak and enjoy the views form the water.
• The house of Mother Teresa.

Food and Drinks:
• Padobranec – super soft almond cookie, bought from Rigara in the Old bazaar (charshia).
• Old Town Brewery - you can buy local craft beer. It's also a bar at night.
• Mola Coffee Bar – fresh juice and smoothie place in the Old bazaar (charshia).
• Space Burgers – an interesting interpretation of space food – each burger has a different colors and planet name.
• Forza Restaurant - some of the most delicious pasta I've tried. Italian cuisine with amazing desserts and wine.
• Kantina Restaurant – delicious cuisine!
• Kino Karposh - a nice bar to meet friends.

Expect to see double deck busses as public transport in Skopje – they were specially made for the city (they're not from London).

Some photos from my trip on Facebook: www.facebook.com/travellingbuzz

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Travel tips for Skopje, North Macedonia?

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