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Buzludzha Monument
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August 2021
A giant abandoned ex-communist headquarters in central Bulgaria

The Buzludzha Monument was the headquarters of the Communist Party in Buglaria in the 1980s. After the fall of the regime, the building was abandoned, destroyed and left to decay.

Its impressive size and architecture attract visitors from all over the world, and its UFO shape is quite iconic.

Some people had the opportunity to see the building inside entering through illegal entrances until a few years ago when a project for restoration of the mozaics inside was started. Now, the monument is guarded 24/7 and you must book a tour with registered tour company to visit.

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10 months ago

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Content & Community, Travel Massive

I've visited Buzluzdha several times, once inside as well. It's absolutely stunning!

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Great photos! How did you get to visit this place, and were able to explore inside the building?

10 months ago
Content & Community, Travel Massive

I went inside 5-6 years ago. Nowadays, it's impossible as they're renovating the mosaics and have 24/7 security.

10 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

An amazing place! I went there once as well (inside)!

10 months ago
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