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Postcard Travel Discover the world through the art of storytelling

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Postcard Travel is on a journey to discover the world through the art of storytelling.

🌱 We join hands with a select community of boutique travel companies who thoughtfully craft tours keeping in mind their commitment to sustainable tourism.

🛋 Each week, we publish our online newsletter “Couch Travel” where we present bite-sized travel stories featuring their signature tours.

🎧 In our upcoming podcast, The Postcard Travel Show, we interview the founders of these boutique companies and listen to stories behind their signature tours.

💬 We gather short bite-sized pieces of wisdom from these interviews and share them on YouTube channel Postcard Insights.

👉 Learn more about us at postcard.travel

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Founder & CXO, Postcard Travel Club

Hey guys, I’m the founder at Postcard Travel, a travel media startup that helps travellers discover mindful travel through the art of storytelling.

I am also an Ally and Media Herald at the Transformational Travel Council, a global collective of stakeholders promoting transformational, mindful and regenerative travel.

I invite you to sign up for our weekly newsletter “Couch Travel”, where we showcase one bite-sized story about a boutique travel company and their signature tour. blog.postcard.travel

Stay inspired about our world!


If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn -

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Founder & CXO, Postcard Travel Club

Hey there!

Welcome to Postcard Travel.

We partner with boutique travel companies that thoughtfully craft tours to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

We invite them to share bite-sized travel stories about their signature tours and publish these in our online publication Couch Travel.

Every Friday, we share one of the stories in our weekly newsletter to inspire our global community of mindful travellers.

We also help travellers personalise their trips by scheduling zoom calls with our partners on our website Postcard Travel

In our upcoming podcast, The Postcard Travel Show, we interview the founders of these boutique companies and listen to stories behind their carefully designed tours.

We create short bite-sized videos from these interviews and share them on our YouTube channel Postcard Insights.

Here’s a fun fact! We launched on 22.02.2022, a date that is both a palindrome and an ambigram! The date reads the same from right to left and left to right and upside down 😉.

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Founder & CXO, Postcard Travel Club

Who we are and Why we do what we do...

We are a community of travellers, travel entrepreneurs and storytellers that support mindful and sustainable tourism.

We empower boutique travel companies to promote destinations with authentic stories about its people, culture, history, food, nature and wildlife.

We aim to inspire travellers and show them a new way to see the world, by celebrating the stories it has to offer.

We do what we do because we believe storytelling has the power to encourage transformational travel and promote sustainable tourism. Stories help global travellers connect with local communities and share their experiences with the world.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Amit, congrats on your launch!

Looks like you posted a few duplicate comments above…

Can you explain “transformative travel” a bit more here? I must admit I’m a bit skeptical of this term and the marketing around it, because I believe travel is inherently transformative.

How are you planning to build your audience to attract storytellers to publish on your platform?

Lastly, any lessons learned over the past year building your startup (that might help other startup founders)?

2 years ago (edited)
Founder & CXO, Postcard Travel Club

Hey Ian, thanks 🙂

Travel is meant to be inherently transformational but many people don’t travel in a way that helps them explore meaning and connect with the people and destinations.

The idea of bucket list travel and FOMO puts people on a fast track and they go through a destination without engaging deeply with the locals and listening and learning from their stories. We want to show these people a new way to travel, one that encourages them to spend time and connect with the locals. We believe this leads to deeper experiences and personal transformation.

At Postcard, we aim to inspire people about places through its local stories. We partner with luxury boutique travel companies and invite them to share stories behind their signature tours.

We showcase these once a week to our global community of mindful travellers, those who have subscribed to our newsletter “Couch Travel”. blog.postcard.travel/subscribe

Publishing on Postcard is by invitation and we carefully curate the voices that we showcase and use referrals from our existing publishers and friends to onboard new partners.

We ensure that every partner that we work with have demonstrated their commitment to responsible tourism. They structure their businesses in a way that employs locals in their tours and/or use parts of their profit to give back to the local communities.

The last two years have been rough for all of us. We minimised our burn rate and stayed agile working part time with consultants. But I also feel slowing down helped us shape the product in a way where we were forced to delay launching quickly and had to discover revenue models that could help us survive the uncertainty.

Hope this helps Ian 🙂

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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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