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Overlap Get alerts when your travel plans overlap with a friend's

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🀳 Overlap is an app for digital nomads, backpackers, and travelers to stay connected to their global community. Get alerted when your travel plans intersect with a friends, and visit wishlist countries together.

With Overlap you can keep track of your friends' travel plans, continue traveling with your network of nomads, and check off bucket-list destinations together.

Track Your Trip Around The World

Check off each country you've been to and watch your travel profile fill in with color and pins. Keep trip dates and past travel organized. Logging your travels will help you remember your journey, and may also be useful for tax, visa, and legal purposes.

Set It And Forget It

We'll notify you if your plans overlap. If your trip align with a friend's, you will be the first to know via our in-app alert and messaging system. You will get an alert whenever a connection makes plans to go to the same location as you. Plus, get alerted about friends' plans to travel to your wishlist locations, so you can check them off your list together.

Recommendations from People You Trust

Get personalized recommendations from your friends on destinations that they have recently visited. Likewise, you can opt into giving advice to your network for locations you loved.

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Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Hey everyone,

We've made lot's of updates since our last post we'd love to share:

You can see where your friends, friends of friends, and public accounts have plans to travel. This feature allows you to expand your community and connect with other digital nomads and backpackers nearby. Get personalized recommendations from your friends on destinations that they have recently visited and give your own advice to your network for locations you've loved.

Introducing a whole new way to explore the world with nomad retreats, conferences, and events! We're collaborating with partners like Selina, The Nomad Escape (Nomad Island Fest) and more to bring you discounts and access to community events.

It's here at last. Find the feed on a new tab, where you can see your friends newly planned trips in one centralized place. React and comment on upcoming trips, and get notified on the day that your friends are leaving for a new country to wish them well.


πŸ›ŽοΈ Get travel alerts that show you when & where your friends are traveling
πŸ—ƒοΈ Keep all of your travel plans in one centralized, organized home
πŸ—ΊοΈ See where your friends are traveling in real-time on a live map
🧳 Use the trip planner to plan upcoming trips with friends
πŸ“… Use the feed to get live information about your connections' travel plans as they make them
πŸ“” Document your adventures and check off countries you’ve visited with the travel tracker
πŸ“ Create travel wishlists for places you want to visit, see when friends want to go to the same places
✈️ Get weekly travel & itinerary recommendations for unique activities near you from friends and connections you trust
🀝 Meet new people traveling, and make new friends & connections

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Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Hello, I'm Sharon, a founder of Overlap! The idea for this app began in 2018, when I packed up home and left on a four-year nomadic adventure as a solo female traveler. While my new experiences as a full-time traveler thrilled me, it could also be full of loneliness and lost connections. I conceptualized an app that would do what social media wasn't. It would keep track of the travel plans of all of my connections, and find me opportunities to see them again, elsewhere in the world.

In 2021, I brought on two co-founders, Nicholas Zaverdinos and Jason Hu, who brought the vision to life. Both Nick and Jason are also digital nomads and applied their first-hand experiences traveling the world into the features they built for the app. The team is excited to bring this app to the community of travelers and nomads they've been a part of for years, and we can't wait to see it in use!

1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing Overlap with the Travel Massive community!

I just downloaded the app. Really like the magic link login, and the onboarding was very easy. Well done!

I might be the only member in Tasmania for now? I’m not quite sure what to do next as a new member. Perhaps a way to visualize the network (eg, an anonymous heatmap) might be interesting for new members?

I recall a similar feature of β€œnearby friends” with the Facebook app, but I don’t have it installed and I guess many people are overwhelmed with FB notifications these days. So I think it’s great to have an app just dedicated to this kind of use case.

Where are the majority of your members located? Do you have any interesting stories of connections people have made with the app?

1 year ago
Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Hey Ian, thanks so much for giving Overlap a try!

You likely are the only member currently in Tasmania for now, but as our user base grows, who knows!

Currently, the idea is that Overlap keeps you connected to your existing travel community. The more you and your friends travel, the higher likelihood you will overlap. Most of the features are built with digital nomads, backpackers, and full-time travelers in mind. We're working on features like suggesting second-degree connections that will be traveling near you, to help less frequent travelers expand their network.

Most of our users are from the US and Canada, but their current locations are all over! One of our users recently shared that she added someone she met in Santiago de Chile some years back, and they both found out through the app that they were in Las Vegas at the same time, and met up! I can't wait to hear more success stories like these going forward.

1 year ago

I've been using Overlap since beta, and I love it. As a full-time traveler and "digital nomad," it's been beneficial to keep track of my friends and plan meetups with them throughout my travels.

Thanks, Sharon, for creating it, and I look forward to all the new features you'll add in the future to make my travel lifestyle even more rewarding!

1 year ago
Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Thank you Hunter!

1 year ago

I've been using the App for months and love it! Great way to reconnect with other Nomads I've met along the way!

1 year ago
Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Thanks Mike!

1 year ago
Co-founder of Overlap, Overlap Co.

Hi Travel Massive Community,

I wanted to share some progress and features we have added to the app in recent weeks. We have added a new tab with a map view so that users can now see all of their connections on a world map. Additionally, you can search the map by a specific date range to see friends with upcoming trip plans. We launched a press release of our official launch (www.overlap-app.com/post/overlap-app-launches) and have seen a nice influx of users. We're currently working on new features to connect you to more relevant travelers in the app, alert you of new activity, and consolidate your connections' upcoming plans for easier viewing. We're thankful for all the feedback and reviews so far and are happy to see our community so responsive!

1 year ago (edited)
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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