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Solo Travel Club German online club for solo traveling women

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Solo Travel Club is the first German online club for women who like to travel solo.

The club provides access to a German-speaking online travel community and access to expert travel resources:

🎤 Monthly Live Q&A
🤑 Discounts & attractive offers
⭐️ Exclusive tips & tricks
✅ Checklists & Guides
📄 Handy templates
🤩 Personal recommendations
📱 Tool & app tips

Learn more about the club and benefits at www.juliaweigl.de/club/

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Travel Blogger

I'm Julia, a passionate solo traveler who traveled to over 46 countries so far and the founder of Germany's first online club for solo traveling women. With my Blog and Club I aim to inspire and empower women to make themselves a priority and be independent. Solo traveling is more than just holiday, it is a journey that includes personal development and opens new perspectives.

It is time to stop thinking that solo traveling means being alone. It is not! From my own story I knows that it is a big step from thinking "I'm not made for solo traveling." to "I want to see the world, I create my way of solo traveling and having a great time."

I was so frustrated to not being able to travel and discover the world because of the fact that I had no travel buddy.

I travelled a lot with the non suitable travel partners, just to avoid traveling alone. Because I was convinced that solo traveling is not working for me. Why should it, I love to meet people...

But this was such a mistake and wrong interpretation of something I never tried before. I wish I had more solo traveling role models, who showed me what solo traveling is really about. Who gave me tips and empowered me. It would have helped to try solo traveling earlier and it would have made the first trips easier because of being better prepared.

With my Blog, the solo travel Podcast and the Club I want to support women in giving solo traveling a chance and make the best out of it. Stop waiting for somebody to join you, discover the world on your own and make new friends while travelling!

Solo traveling changed my whole world. It made me happier and more self confident. And something I didn't expect at all: it helped me find suitable travel partners much easier.

Today I consciously decide to travel alone and I love it! I'm not exclusively traveling alone, it depends, but I know I can and nothing will stop me from discovering the world. My vision is that many women can say the same, because of me ❤️

👉 You can learn more about me at www.juliaweigl.de/about/

Did you already travel solo, what are your experiences?

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Julia, thanks for sharing Solo Travel Club with the Travel Massive community! It's fantastic to see language-specific travel communities like this.

What are some popular destinations for solo women travelers in your community? Are there any trends you're seeing within your community (e.g. travel styles, places, etc) that is specific to German travelers?

9 months ago
Travel Blogger

Hi Ian,
there are no specific trends as solo traveling is so individual like traveling in general. I always encourage my community to find their way of traveling. The only thing I can tell is, that hostels, if not from a budget perspective, are not that common within my community. My community wants to treat themselves and prefer Airbnb and Hotels over Hostels.

9 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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