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I like local
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June 2021
Authentic experiences with locals in Asia and Africa

I Like Local is a travel startup that offers authentic, local experiences with locals in Asia and Africa. Goal is to create win-win: unique experiences for travelers and marketing & financial support for locals.

Our mission is to inspire positive change for our planet by connecting travelers with local communities that provide immersive travel experiences that foster economic and social inclusiveness.

We strive to bridge the gap between cultures by bringing people together through immersive travel experiences that create meaningful connections and lifelong memories.

We believe in the transformational power of travel. Immersing yourself in local life promotes cross-cultural understanding and teaches travelers and hosts new global perspectives.

Travel can transform economies and improve the quality of life in communities worldwide, which is why we aim to empower local people by connecting them with free access to the global travel market.

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4 months ago
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Great concept, am from Africa Nigeria, let know how we can work together.

24 days ago
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