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Here To Travel A blog for mindful and conscious adventurers

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Here To Travel is all about helping good, kind and conscious people to become even better adventurers, bringing about positive action through their travels.

On our blog you'll find:

β€’ Eco-friendly, vegan/veggie, community-focused travel guides
β€’ Amazing experiences that give back to the places you visit
β€’ Advice and resources for researching, organising and booking your adventures.

We’re committed to helping individuals and the travel industry to improve travel for the benefit of everyone, for places and the planet.

Learn more about us at heretotravel.com/about/

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Travel Blogger, Here To Travel

Hey everyone! I'm Matt and I run Here To Travel. I run it with my wife, Jade who takes many go the photos and looks after our Instagram account. We'd love it if you gave us a follow.

If you’re anything like us, you want your travels and adventures to have a positive impact on people, places and the planet.

You might already be on your journey to becoming a conscious traveller or you might simply be intrigued by the idea of improving your travel experiences through kind and mindful decisions and action.

Head to www.instagram.com/here.to.travel to stay in touch with our adventures. We're currently sharing our content from our recent trip to The Azores!!!

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Design Lead, Travel UX Innovator, Entrepreneur, Memopin, Inc.

Subscribed. :) Love the practicality of the information.

1 year ago
Travel Consultant, Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

Hello Matt, I love your blog topics and ideas! Adventure-minded travelers, exploring beautiful nature, and responsible travel. I hope one day, you gonna publish about Tanzania adventure things to do. Now, I follow you at your Instagram

10 months ago
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