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Global Convoy
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April 2021
An overland adventure community

The ever growing community that came from Global Convoy started in August 2016, when Joel, Max and Becca set out on an adventure of a lifetime, taking anyone and everyone with them to try and circumnavigate the globe, in a car that cost £75.

They set out with the aim to visit some of the world’s most notoriously dangerous and misrepresented locations, in order to compare reality, to the information fed to us by the news, internet and social media.

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5 months ago
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Travel blogger, author, documentary producer, podcaster, speaker, GlobalGaz

Looks like an awesome road trip! No better way to visit a country than an awesome road trip. I look forward to the updates.

4 days ago
Content & Community, Travel Massive

They travelled all over the world and now they call Bulgaria their home (when not on the road)! AWESOME!

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