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Lanka Challenge
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April 2021
TukTuks Across Sri Lanka

Global Convoy and Large Minority are teaming up for an epic Sri Lanka tuk-tuk trip in September 2021.

The story

When we were speaking at the Berlin Travel Festival in 2019 we bumped into an adventure travel company called Large Minority who run some pretty awesome adventures in some really fantastic places all over the world! After chatting for a while it was pretty clear that their Sri Lankan TukTuk challenge was perfect for us. But we were already booked to go to Kyrgyzstan so things would have to be put on hold for a while.

Fast forward 1 year and we got a call from their Head Organiser asking if we were still interested: The Lanka Challenge was on!

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1 year ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

I totally want to do this one day!

1 year ago
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