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Keep your remote teams socially connected with interactive live activities
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January 2022
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Flambé is a live-streaming platform for remote teams to stay socially connected and engaged. 🔥

We offer a selection of virtual activities from wellness, to personal development, to lifestyle and hobbies, as well as a space for teams to organize engaging self-hosted events.

About the founder
🙋‍♀️ Natalya has been hosting online events for 3 years, including virtual activities for corporates with remote and hybrid offices that wanted to keep their teams connected and productive. To save the team’s money and time planning social events, as well as to help the HR and team leaders measure the engagement, Natalya came up with the idea of building Flambé.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Natalya and Nathan, congrats on launching your startup! I've enjoyed a few cocktail making classes hosted by Natalya, and it was lots of fun. I think it's a great idea to host remote activities for teams, since more people are now working remotely. We'll have to organize one for a few Travel Massive members! :)

1 year ago
Founder, Secret Experiences

Thank you Ian! You’ve been one of the biggest fans indeed! We will happily organize an interactive virtual activity for the Travel Massive members.

1 year ago
CEO & Founder,, NaviSavi

Love this!!! I'd love to connect and get my team a virtual activity!

1 year ago
Founder, Secret Experiences

Thank you Sally! We will be happy to host your team. Please get in touch with me to plan a virtual event:

1 year ago