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Family Travel Channel
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April 2022
A blog that helps families navigate family vacations

👨‍👩‍👧 Family Travel Channel helps families discover where to stay, where to eat, and what to do while on a family vacation.

Categories include hotels (family-friendly amenities), restaurants (great kids menus), attractions (such as theme parks), luxury travel (for families who want 5-star vacations), parent escapes (leave the kids at home), green getaways (get outdoors), and spa (moms weekend away).

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2 months ago

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Travel Blogger, Family Travel Channel

This is Sharael from I hope you find my blog inspiring. I love helping families plan the perfect family vacation!

3 months ago
Founder, Our Tribe Travels & Family Home Swaps

Hello Sharael, great to meet you here. I'm Susannah, founder of Our Tribe Travels - a community for families that love adventurous travel. I've just popped over and taken a look at your website and it looks fab. Glad to meet someone else who is flying the flag for travel with kids. :)
Have a lovely day. Susannah

2 months ago
Travel Blogger, Family Travel Channel

Your website is wonderful. Looks like you and you're family are having so much fun!

2 months ago
Travel Blogger, Compass Roam

Hi! Nice to meet you! I also run a luxury family travel website - Compass Roam -- nice to meet another family travel blogger out there!

2 months ago
Travel Blogger, Family Travel Channel

I love your blog! And your Instagram photos are awesome!

2 months ago
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