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The Expat Mummy
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April 2022
A travel blog about living and travelling in Kenya

I'm Nadine, a British writer and mum of three expatriated to Kenya.

I author a blog (and ebook) that explores Kenya. I focus heavily on travel destinations and provide information on life as an expatriate in Kenya. My blog looks at how to move here, finding a house, schools cars and the realities of every day life in this East African country. I share personal stories of how I have felt as an expat with three kids in Kenya.

I have travelled widely throughout Kenya and share places to visit, where to stay and things to do all over the country.

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2 months ago

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Writer, The Expat Mummy

I am a British expat who has lived in Kenya for five years. My blog explores travel and expat life in this East African paradise.

3 months ago
Farming and welder, Arckbutt

It's good

3 months ago
Founder, Tulia African Store

Very interesting read, I hope to see you at the upcoming event in May, so you can share more on your travels

2 months ago
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