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Miles with Vibes
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April 2022
A travel blog by Nikos and Lina

Miles with Vibes was created to help you travel more and to travel better.

To let you know that no matter how many months, days or hours each trip will last, it’s about making the most out of it.

To make you understand that travelling allows us to experience little parts of this world as no one has.

That moment, at that place, will be yours, forever.

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3 months ago

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Not everyone wishes to give up their “normal life”, sell all their possessions or quit their jobs to live a nomadic lifestyle. To be honest, I enjoy my job and love having my own place to call home, where I can spend relaxing moments with friends and family.

So the short answer is no, I am not a long-term traveller; I am working full-time, planning all my adventures from my home base in Thessaloniki, Greece. No fancy-pancy staged photos, no filming crews and no edited images.

What you see is what you’ get; our stories are simply here to inspire the beginning of your own journey.

4 months ago (edited)
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