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What are your favourite travel guide groups?

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Marketing Consultant

Hey! Every few months I ask friends and colleagues what communities, social media groups or tools you'd recommend to a friend.

There are so many, and it changes quickly!

I'm sure everyone on this thread would love to hear your recommendations πŸ’œ

Shout out the communities that make a difference to your business, I can go check them out πŸ˜‰

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I enjoy the Dense Discovery newsletter (it’s made in Melbourne) - it’s not travel related but has a good mix of articles that might help you think of new ideas to apply.

1 year ago
Marketing Consultant

Fantastic, I signed up to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation πŸ’œ

1 year ago
Blogger & Coffee Drinker, Traveling Honeybird

For blogging things I really love -

Australian travel bloggers FB group. Super supportive group!
Toggl for time tracking. Helps keep me focused and see where I'm loosing a lot of my time. for useful tools

TravelMassive's new influencer platform is amazing to find verified members to work with.

1 year ago
Marketing Consultant

Toggl is a great way to see how often my procrastination strikes 😜
I'm going to check out academy, they look to have some useful marketing content in there for free.

Haha love the namedrop for Travel Massive influencer platform 🀣

1 year ago