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Veronica Ondrejech
Publisher and owner of,

I'm a journalism major who loves to share Europe and beyond! I retired at 50 years old to travel, write, blog, and vlog. I'm sharing the highlights of my journey as well as the tips and tricks that I find along the way.

My husband and I began blogging for fun in 2007 so that our friends and family could follow along our journey of a five-week trip to learn to make wine in Italy. The blog grew and then morphed into a love. We retired a little early, moved to Portugal (originally California locals), and are committed to travel writing and blogging full time now. (Update, my husband passed away so now I'm solo in my journey).

Our field narrowed to scouring the ends of the world to find the trips and timing to inspire followers to travel longer and further without compromising luxury, fun, or their budget. Travel like "Royalty" without the "Royal" budget. Now we are adding video to showcase more of the visual beauty and make it easier to come along our journey by simply watching (especially during COVID).

Even if you don't want to travel to all the places we visit then you can just sit back and watch from the comfort of your own computer screen! We hope you get out there and enjoy the world and we're here to help and inspire you to "do it".