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Slovenia is an up-and-coming travel destination with pristine nature, rich cultural traditions and a bountiful table of delicious food, wine and spirits to offer intrepid guests. And it should come as no surprise that we have a fast developing and growing travel industry, offering a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of travel professionals. Travel Massive in Ljubljana, Slovenia will connect people who are passionate, not only about its burgeoning travel industry but also for building better communication and understanding, to share ideas that will benefit everyone involved.

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Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

Hey everyone. I'm Rudi and I'm excited to join as one of the chapter leaders of Slovenia Travel Massive!

I've been part of the community for a while and it's always great to connect with other travel experts.

I'm currently working with in the Activation Office, mentoring students at the Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica and planning to enroll in a PhD to explore the impacts of digital nomadism on host communities.

As a side project, I also write a weekly newsletter about innovation & sustainability in tourism.

Feel free to introduce yourself here and let us know what topics are you interested in :)

Announced 9 months ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVÄ Coaching & Consulting

Welcome Rudi! Good to Slovenia active again.

9 months ago
Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

Thanks, Kirsi!

9 months ago
Founder of and E.S.H. consulting

Greetings, I'm Simon and I like to travel and enjoy good food, that's why I created the Visit 4.0 Project, the purpose of which is Innovative business solutions for tourism providers.

Visit 4.0 brings many advantages that can significantly improve your business in the tourism industry:

Support for sustainable mobility: Visit 4.0 supports sustainable mobility, including support for electric vehicles, bicycles, and other environmentally friendly forms of transportation. This is key for companies committed to sustainable practices.

Connecting in the local community: Visit 4.0 allows companies to connect with the local community and other tourism providers. Partnering with other local businesses can increase your visibility and attract customers.

Cost-effective promotion: With Visit 4.0, you can take advantage of cost-effective promotional strategies, allowing you to reach more people with less financial investment. Targeted advertising: This ensures that your marketing investments reach people who are genuinely interested in your tourism offers.

Help and advice: The platform offers support and advice to improve your business. By sharing experiences and expertise, you can improve your services and attract more customers.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to new acquaintances and new friendships and collaborations. If you would like to talk about cooperation and travel, just give me a tug on my sleeve :)

5 months ago
Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

Thanks Simon! See you tomorrow at the event :)

5 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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