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Diana Edelman
Travel/food blogger, Vegans, Baby
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Leader in the plant-based dining movement and highlighting destinations around the world who offer world-class plant-based dining experiences, as well as experiences focused on conservation and sustainability. I am the founder of Vegans, Baby, a business focused on promoting vegan dining and making vegan food approachable and accessible. The site is regularly named one of the top 50 vegan blogs. In addition, I am the founder of d travels 'round, a popular travel blog in the 2010s. A freelance journalist and content creator, I regularly contribute to VegNews print magazine and create travel content for LIVEKINDLY. I also have written for Scott's Cheap Flights, Marriott Bon Voy, Mandarin Oriental and more. I am the exclusive vegan tour curator for Alluring Africa and is interested in curating tours and destination guides for locations around the world.

November 2021
New York City
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I would love to partner with destinations around the world to promote their vegan dining and experiences and consider them for future destination stories in publications and tours

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