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Colorado Travel Massive

A travel community in Colorado
Community leader Juliana Broste
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Colorado, a western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons, and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city, features a vibrant downtown area.

The Colorado Travel Massive brings together travel brands, travel startups, adventure and ski travel companies, bloggers/journalists, travellers and anyone involved in the travel industry.

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Trade Marketing Manager, InsideJapan & InsideAsia Tours

I've been a part of Colorado Travel Massive for several years now and have always appreciated how friendly, inclusive, welcoming, and productive the group is. Events are well-organized, fun, and I enjoy the variety of people I meet each and every time. I feel like it's my connection to all aspects of travel in our area.

1 year ago
marketer | photojournalist, www.colorandcuriosity.com

Hi everyone! Just moved to CO but was an active TM member in Chicago. Looking forward to getting to know the community and hopefully meet you at events!

1 year ago
Small Ship Travel Expert, Krayton Travel

Small Ship Cruising Specialist in Aurora. CTC, MCC, VTA and producer of the annual Small Ship Cruising Expo™ in Denver.

11 months ago
Regional Leisure Sales Manager, SCP Hotels

Hello Colorado members,

My name is Jenna Wheatley, and I'm the new Leisure Sales Manager for SCP Hotels.

Our Colorado Springs property is having an open house on August 3 from 3-5pm, and we’re extending the invitation to Travel Massive members.

There will be food from our new provisions market menu, delicious and health forward drinks, and even a make your own wellness face mist station!

Address is:

SCP Colorado Springs Hotel
2850 S Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Wednesday August 3 from 3-5pm

If you would like to attend, please email me at jennaw@scphospitality.com to RSVP.

Hope to see you there and please email me with any questions.

Announced 10 months ago
Founder & CEO, Exploryst

I'm interested in hosting a meeting regarding ways for tourism and hospitality industry businesses can be more inclusive to the 64+ million US consumers with disabilities.

Within the US, people with disabilities control $490 Billion in annual disposable income, on par with Hispanic and Black consumers. This does not include the spending power of the family, friends, and caregivers that travel with these individuals.

Angela Wilson, MBA

9 months ago
Travel/Food Writer, Two Forks and a Passport

Hi everyone! I recently moved to Colorado after living abroad for a while and have re-started writing about my adventures. I'm really looking forward to meeting up and getting to know everyone!

7 months ago
Erratic Travel Blogger, Vagabond Valkyrie

Hi! I just discovered travel massive and am excited to see what it is all about. I've been in Colorado since 2012 and am working on a number of projects. I've traveled some and am looking to do much, much more asap.

4 months ago
Founder & CEO, Exploryst

Are there any upcoming events that people want to share? If not, let's schedule one.
I am in the Denver metro area and would love to get together.

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Angela,

Both Juliana and Sherry are out of town right now, so I'd recommend in their absence to schedule a meetup.

Take a look at our Event Guide at www.travelmassive.com/pages/event-guide which answers most common questions about hosting a Travel Massive meetup.

Since there hasn't been an IRL meetup in quite some time (and some members have moved out of town, etc) it may take some extra hussling and direct outreach to get people to turn up. So it's key to have a convenient venue/place to meet, adequate time to promote the meetup, and a good pitch to attendees (e.g what value they will get from meeting up).

You can submit a meetup directly here on the platform, and I can give you any additional assistance / feedback before we publish it!

Based on previous comments I think there's at least a few people who would be interested in meeting :)


1 month ago (edited)