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Jemma Park
Content Creator / Social Media Manager / Content Writer, Styled By Jemma Wild

I'm Jemma Wild, an ”Inspired by Africa” content creator for the safari industry.

As a safari-lifestyle content stylist that helps travel & lifestyle brands visually position their offering in the safari market, I make sure that attracting new customers is the end goal.

Using online, content-specific marketing techniques, I make sure that the eye-balls looking at your content are really seeing your brand.

My background is immersed in fashion styling, content marketing, and years (YEARS!) in the online advertising industry.

I'm highly skilled in knowing how to make your brand beat the sound of the African content drum, get your product views skyrocketing from a simple safari snap, and ensuring your curated content converts into loyal customers.

Services I offer:
- Safari-Travel Writing
- Product & Travel Photographic Styling
- Social Media Content Coaching

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Joined April 2020


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