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Brianna Lopez
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Brianna Lopez is a Photographer, Director and Producer. Brianna started creating visually in 2012 in Philadelphia and has since taken her artistry to Los Angeles in early 2015. Working with a diverse client base, Brianna is recognized for her intimate candid captures that show emotional easiness and isolation. She has worked in the fields of music, marketing, fashion, editorial and commercial photography. She is a traveler at heart and lives for open spaces and landscapes that aid in her visual content creativeness.

She obtained her BA in English from West Chester University picking up photography and film during her senior year. Though she did not go to school for either, Brianna has an extensive background in production and photography. Brianna is a dynamic spirit whose goal is to create beautiful, but more importantly, emotionally impactful imagery that is timeless.

May 2017
Los Angeles | Philadelphia
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Travel is the epitome of my life's education. Travel is where I learn who I am and what Im becoming.


  • HI Richard. I will surely let you know if I make my way there. For now I believe my next location will be Puerto Viejo for a few days.

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  • Touching base on this topic again. Just as a note I am available to help and try to get this chapter back up and running.