How to Travel With Meaning Workshop Build your transformational travel road map

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After interviewing hundreds of travelers for the Travel With Meaning Podcast and Travel Talk live series, Mike Schibel started to notice similar patterns in his guests' meaningful experiences.

Mike went back through all his past podcasts, live events and personal travel footage, and built a road map of "How To Travel With Meaning" as a workshop to help travelers fulfil a deeper connection to their journey.

The "Travel with Meaning" workshop includes:

• Video curriculum and workbook
• A group zoom session to share your workbook findings
• Ongoing quarterly community calls
• Guest speakers
• Workshop certificate
• TWM compass patch and journal

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Podcast Host, Travel With Meaning

My name is Mike Schibel, and I am the host of the Travel With Meaning podcast. I've been part of the Travel Massive community for eight years. I might have met some of you at events in LA or at the Travel Talk Live events I hosted pre-pandemic.

As the host of a podcast that interviews extraordinary travelers, I have the honor to hear the stories that have impacted their lives and careers. I started to hear similarities in guests' meaningful experiences. I categorized these similar themes into principles that became the foundation for the How To Travel With Meaning course, which I am excited to introduce to all of you.

As like-minded travelers, we've all had experiences that have moved, touched, and inspired us, but defining our meaningful moments has never had a formula until this course. The truth is that travel is personal for all of us. We don't want to change how you travel, but instead, offer a road map to help you recognize the characteristics of your most impactful trips which you can use to inspire your future adventures.

This course has already been helpful to dozens of travelers like you.

I am pleased to offer the Travel Massive community a 50% discount to take the course, using the code "TRAVEL MASSIVE".

👉 For more details and to sign up visit

Feel free to reach out with any questions to me or Claire.

Look forward to sharing meaningful stories together.

1 year ago (edited)
Podcast Host, Travel With Meaning

I wanted to make sure people knew were offering the Travel Massive community a 50% discount to take the course, using the code "TRAVEL MASSIVE". Offer ends March 31st.

1 year ago
Travel Journalist, TV Host, Travel Advisor & Global Public Speaker., Jet Set with Jeannette

I am so grateful for Mike Schibel and how he has created Travel with Meaning over the years. This year, I started the TWM workshop, and it's been opening my mind and heart to how travel more mindfully! I highly recommend this workshop for any traveler looking to dive deeper into the depths of travel!

1 year ago
Founder, There's So Much To See

Huge thanks to Mike Schibel for creating this course. I participated last year and found a lot of inspiration in looking at how my past travels connected me to key meaningful principles and how I can carry those into future travels as well. Also enjoyed connecting with others taking the course to exchange ideas and inspirations.

1 year ago
Writer, Coach + Founder, Be Journeyful

This workshop was very insightful and informative. The principles of traveling with meaning that Mike shares really give one a concrete and easy-to-follow process for bringing greater meaning into your travels and experiences! I love that they all stem from the many conversations he's had over the years with travelers on his podcast.

1 year ago
Trip Scholars Founder and CEO, Trip Scholars

I am grateful to have participated in the Travel With Meaning Workshop last year. It helped me grow as a storyteller and as an advocate of transformational travel. Both personally, and as a travel professional, I appreciate that the workshop continues to encourage me to genuinely and powerfully communicate my travel experiences with others.

1 year ago
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