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  • I can bet on these three trends. 👨‍💻 Rise of Digital Nomadism and creation of Nomad Villages 👨‍💻 With digital nomadism still booming, I think entire villages for digital nomads will emerge worldwide, offering plug-and-play living with a strong community vi... show more

  • Very nice idea @maria-stoyanova! I love it! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks! Yes that is a highly requested feature so it's in our backlog!

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    Nomad Retreats 9 months ago

  • Thanks for the question! We are a bit of retreats nerds 🤓, so most likely we have participated to them ourselves and we have first hand experience. If not, we usually have a call with the company providing the retreats and we also speak with previous p... show more

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    Nomad Retreats 9 months ago

  • Hello everyone! 👋 Thrilled to see on Travel Massive! We built this platform to make finding the ideal remote working retreat a breeze. Each retreat is handpicked to ensure top-notch living and working conditions. The customiza... show more

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    Nomad Retreats 9 months ago