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Nomad Retreats is a curated platform that connects digital nomads with remote working retreats worldwide.

From tropical paradises 🏝 to charming European cities 🏰, our diverse collection caters to every nomad's tastes and preferences. Plan and book your stay with ease using our intuitive platform. 🏠 🛎 Our smart filters allow you to personalize your search based on specific needs.

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Hello everyone! 👋

Thrilled to see on Travel Massive! We built this platform to make finding the ideal remote working retreat a breeze.

Each retreat is handpicked to ensure top-notch living and working conditions. The customizable filters help you tailor your search to suit your unique needs.

Find your next haven for productivity and relaxation. Whether you're a seasoned digital nomad or just starting out, Nomad Retreats is your gateway to making remote work feel like a dream vacation! 🎒 🌅

Our mission is to help you turn remote work into an exciting adventure. Let's redefine the way we work and live! 🌍✨

We value your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy nomading! 🌅

10 months ago (edited)

Looks great, how does the curation procces look like? What are you criteria to be included on the platform?

10 months ago

Thanks for the question!
We are a bit of retreats nerds 🤓, so most likely we have participated to them ourselves and we have first hand experience. If not, we usually have a call with the company providing the retreats and we also speak with previous participants to make sure they offer a good standard of accomodations, co-working and above all community and events.

10 months ago

This is an amazing offering. As the world of work evolves we will need more platforms like this! Very cool.

10 months ago

Wow. I always wondered where to find all these organised trips. Do you plan to add customer reviews?

10 months ago

Thanks! Yes that is a highly requested feature so it's in our backlog!

10 months ago

This is really amazing

10 months ago

We started our Instagram page! You can keep up with all the upcoming retreats following @nomad_retreats! We're happy to hear what you think about it 🫶

8 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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