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KnowMad A newsletter about mastering the art of being nomadic

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Know how to Nomad. From thinking about where you'd like to travel to setting up systems to make your first sale, KnowMad has you covered. Subscribe at knownomad.substack.com

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Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

Hi all,

I've started and contributed to several discussions on this channel already, so some of you may know me. In summary, before being fully remote five years ago, I worked in sales for ten years across a number of roles and industries in Australia and the USA. I love building things, as much as I love working with passionate individuals to solve problems. In my experience, mapping out and executing a scaleable sales process is a challenging task. Of course, depending on size, industry and capital, this could take several years or several days. Doing it by yourself, while you travel in new environments, among new people, makes this procedure even more challenging. I hope to simplify this for new nomads and travelling entrepreneurs by sharing some of the wisdom I've collected over the years across both fields.

KnowMad Magazine is a culmination of my experiences, failures, strengths and learnings.

Five years ago, I surrendered an exceptionally comfortable life in Sydney to a life of travel. Jobless and in search of meaning and answers, I fought several battles and endured steep learning curves in the process of building two businesses and co-founding a branding studio. Today, I'm dedicated to helping new nomads make the transition as smooth as possible by imparting some of the wisdom I've managed to collect on the journey thus far.

In my conversations with today's fringe digital nomads, much of the hesitation lies in the unknown. With vast amounts of free-flowing information, it can be difficult to find a path that suits your unique lifestyle, professional aspirations and financial circumstances. Knowmad endeavours to return focus back to the core elements of this incredibly fulfilling journey.

I've found the TM community to be deeply insightful in their discussions and truly committed to the cause. I would love for you to subscribe to my weekly articles and of course, will reciprocate if asked. Link: knownomad.substack.com

Outside of work; I love to swim, go for runs, plan photography trips and visit one new country every six months! My favourite destination so far is a small village on the south tip of Mexico called Mazunte.

You can also follow me on my personal website at andhare.com

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Triv,

Thanks for sharing and great to see another newsletter in this space (just subscribed).

Do you have an editorial plan for the newsletter or just focusing on what’s topical at the moment?

I used to live in Sydney, and that’s actually where Travel Massive started! On the rooftop of the YHA rocks.

Have you found a nomad community in Sydney (or Australia?). What would help make Australia a better nomad location?

11 months ago
Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

Thanks for subscribing, Ian.

YHA Rocks! Brings back some fond memories - specifically a little further down the road at the Glenmore, where afternoons very quickly turned into nights!

The editorial plan is to be fluid across the pillars that have helped me build a life in this space - business, travel and photography. If I had to compartmentalise these into three broad questions we travellers, and potential travellers, ask ourselves, they would be:

- What are the ways I can earn money while I'm travelling?
- Where should I travel to, and when should I do it?
- What inspires me to keep going?

Having said that, I'm cognizant of what is important to readers and will change topics as and when is needed.

A nomad community in Sydney? Good question. Being from and growing up in Sydney, I set my sights on exploring foreign terrains and engaging with communities unfamiliar to me; so I'm yet to explore the digital nomad landscape in Australia. Having said that, I believe Australia has all the inherent qualities to be a top-choice nomad location for the following reasons:

- Quality of life
- Vast travel opportunities
- Diverse landscapes
- English literacy
- Connectivity
- International relations
- Quality of produce

What do we need to work on? I'll say three things.

- Flexibile visa programs for nomads. This could even start with a handful of nations before opening up to the wider community
- Incentivising remote living. Being such a vast land, I want to see nomads travel to more remote parts of the nation, not just the Eastern suburbs of Sydney or Fitzroy in Melbourne. This requires infrastructure, media campaigns and government backing
- Affordable accommodation. It's no secret, living in Australia let alone Sydney, is expensive. We need to start looking at co-living spaces and affordable long-term rental opportunities for qualified digital nomads.

11 months ago
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