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Test my interactive map builder? Looking for beta users and early feedback

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I'm working on a web map builder and looking for some beta users/early partners. In the beginning, I decided to focus on the travel/outdoor industry.

I can offer free maps (hosted on my platform) for nonprofits and discounts for all other early users. If you are interested, you can comment here or you can find my contact information at caspg.com. You can also register straight away yetimaps.net/register

Here is an example map yetimaps.net/embedded/hoSeUD1VuKj3/ (it's not yet fully optimized for mobile). I would also love to hear any feedback or suggestion regarding the above map.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Kacper,

Thanks for sharing your demo, and I like the name "Yeti Maps" !

What are the major features that you're looking to develop for your map maker?

For me, being able to socialise on maps (e.g. post a comment, etc) is a missing feature of most map solutions.

Are you planning to make your maps embeddable, or just hosted on yetimaps?

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Co-founder of TravelerMap.net

I'm thinking about adding comments and allowing crowd-sourcing data but I'm not sure if I will focus on the "social" aspect. YetiMaps won't be a platform where you can socialize. It's going to be rather a building block that you can use for (almost) anything. I will target the B2B market.

Yes, all maps can be embedded as an iframe. In the future, I may create JavaScript SDK.

Major features will depend on user feedback really. Right now, I'm focusing on presenting images and videos and embedding other media via iframe. Next, I will work on making maps highly customizable which will allow you to match your own brand.

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