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What makes you anxious as a blogger? We surveyed 1000+ travel bloggers

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PR for travel tech, Travelpayouts & WayAway

Hi there, we’ve recently surveyed 1000+ travel bloggers and found that 32% have thought about changing their career and over half have experienced burnout!

In the words of one travel content creator participating in the survey “It's a job that never ends. Finding a balance between my real-life activities and responsibilities has become a constant challenge” whilst others spoke of the “loneliness” of the career.

That’s why we at Travelpayouts came up with a term for this: 'blogxiety.' It's when bloggers feel burnt out or anxious because of the challenges they face beyond content creation.

👉 What makes you anxious as a travel blogger?

PS: We recognize the serious issue of blogxiety and are dedicated to addressing it to help content creators hit their targets without hurting their health. 27th of July we’re throwing our very first Travelpayouts Blogxiety Retreat (RSVP at special.travelpayouts.com/blogxiety).

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Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

Listing them:

- punctuation and grammar
- tone
- topics
- consistency

1 year ago
PR for travel tech, Travelpayouts & WayAway

Thanks for sharing. Do you think apps like Grammarly and DeepL are any help to reduce struggle caused by punctuation?

1 year ago
Sales | Nomad | Photography, ahimsaimages

Absolutely. Grammarly is a life saver.

1 year ago
PR for travel tech, Travelpayouts & WayAway

Awesome! Try DeepL to, the have AI-thing that really works for me, it's not only a spell checker but it's a whole artificial writer integrated into the app. And it's free to use!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I’ve helped a few bloggers with their WordPress websites - upgrading plug-ins, migrating hosting, fixing code errors, etc. If you’re not technical, blog maintenance can certainly create anxiety, especially when you’re faced with an error (or blank screen) on your website.

So I’d be interested to know how much technical anxiety is out there?

1 year ago
PR for travel tech, Travelpayouts & WayAway

Thanks for helping, it's one of the top pains, I'd say. 32% of travel bloggers reported they struggled because of limited knowledge of blog development, design, and monetization. And yes, blogxiety could be triggered by this experience too.

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, That Adventure Couple

This was definitely something I have struggled with. I made the choice to not even try to worry about making our site overly intense for awhile and just start with the basics. I would love to learn more about using cool plug-ins but there is definitely a learning curve as I do not have a tech background.

10 months ago
Writer, Photographer, and Content creator, pathstotravel.com

I'm quite capable of handling most of these issues myself but there have been some major technical issues this year (PHP updates + migration) that I had to hire someone to do on Upwork and honestly, worth it because the stress it was causing me is priceless.

The things that give me anxiety I think more are SEO and backlinks. Both of these are a lot of work and have major impact on discoverability, Yoast does help (the paid version) but it can only take you so far....

7 months ago
Content Creator, Digital Marketer, SEO Coach, Bel Around The World

FOMO - the anxiety from feeling like you have to be on every new platform that comes up, hopping onto every new trend (ie AI) or you'll be falling behind.

1 year ago
PR for travel tech, Travelpayouts & WayAway

Yep, sounds really familiar.

1 year ago
Editor & Writer, Nancydbrown.com & freelance

I hear you on the Social Media platforms. I joined Threads @nancydbrown Sad to see Twitter tank, but hoping travel bloggers have a new, friendly space.

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, That Adventure Couple

YES! It is so hard to decide which platforms are the best options for us. It's hard when we are already posting on 5ish places but it is amazing how one post will do great on Insta and absolutely flop on Tik Tok or the other way around.

10 months ago
Founder, ViaTravelers.com

Big G, unfortunately. But, beyond that, I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's such a fun journey. If it busts, so be it. In the meantime, let's ride the wave. 🌊

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, That Adventure Couple

My struggle is feeling like we constantly aren't doing enough. We are very new as a blog and we want to succeed but how much is enough? Is it 2 posts a day on every platform? And at that point, are we truly experiencing or are we just creating a product?

10 months ago
CTO, Maslol

I understand the challenges bloggers face in creating top-notch content to meet their followers' expectations. This stress and burnout are exacerbated by the intense competition in the field. I'm curious about the role finances play in these feelings. The limited earning options and the pressure to meet targets likely contribute significantly to the 'blogxiety' phenomenon.

I really believe that bloggers need to get more for their hard work, and in the near future, products like ours, enable bloggers to create and sell digital products to their followers (instead of asking for a digital coffee), could provide a solution. This approach may help bloggers establish a more stable business, ultimately reducing anxiety.

5 months ago
Chief Travel Officer, Traveling Bloke

I think it can be a little crazy then again what isn't. For me it is balancing the travel, brand deals with content creation and promotion. All take time. I've found a lot of hacks to streamline a lot of it through automation and AI but it is a constant juggling act.

5 days ago
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