Riding a Tuk Tuk from Pakistan to China Documenting the first ever rickshaw adventure in Pakistan

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πŸ›Ί Follow Australian YouTuber Jorden Tually's road trip from Pakistan to China.

Large Minority recently ran our Tuk-Tuk adventure in Pakistan. We took a group of rickshaws (our favourite ubiquitous utilitarian vehicles) over 1,000km from the capital, Islamabad, up the Karakoram Highway all the way to the Chinese border. As far as we can tell, this has never been done before, by any tourist group!

Pakistan is not often seen as the most obvious place to choose for an adventure. How wrong is that? It has everything from the busy, chaotic β€˜charm’ of Islamabad, to the stunning views of 7,000m Himalayan peaks and everything in between.

Here's an overview of the trip

πŸ‘‹ After a welcome dinner and getting familiar with the groups, we take a trip around Islamabad to get you acquainted with the β€˜rules’ of the road before heading North.

πŸ›Ί For the next 9 days you leave the sprawling metropolis behind and head out into rural Pakistan. As the days go on you feel the air getting thinner and the views more and more stunning. It gets a bit chillier too as you climb to over 4,500m, travelling through deep gorges and beautiful National Parks en route.

πŸ” The trip culminates as you reach the border between Pakistan and China – excellent bragging rights in the pub! The trip ends in Gilgit, from where you can travel home or extend your trip to explore more of the country.

πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° The trip immerses participants in the culture of Pakistan, the incredible food (beware, some of the curries are nuclear so be careful what you choose) and amazing hospitality and generosity of the wonderful Pakistani people.

Learn more about the Pakistan Tuk Tuk Adventure

β€’ More details about the tour: largeminority.travel/products/pakistan-adventure
β€’ Follow Jorden Tually's adventures on YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/jordentually

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Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

Hey TM fam. Im the cofounder of Large Minority travel. We've been running self drive tuk-tuk adventures in SE Asia and the Subcontinent since 2009 and we recently launched the first ever adventure of it's kind in Pakistan. We had initially planned this for 2019 so we were really excited to finally make it happen in 2022! Lets just say it was worth the wait too... I had my own expectations but nothing had prepared me for the rugged beauty of what i saw on the road between Islamabad and the China Pakistan border in far Northern Pakistan. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are thinking about travelling over there any time soon!

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Looks awesome! I have ridden a tuktuk in Cambodia and India ... and I have been in Pakistan, which is an amazing country. Tuktuk + Pakistan would be amazing!

1 year ago
Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

Sounds like you need to get back on a rickshaw Ric;)

1 year ago
YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew

Fantastic. What an awesome adventure.

1 year ago
Co-founder, Floodin

Love it!

1 year ago
Travel Photographer & Video, Damon Beckford Photography

Incredible adventure! Would love to do something like this as well one day! 🌎😍

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

This looks like a lot of fun... perhaps we'll have to organise a Travel Massive team for the next adventure! Is this trip seasonal (e.g. based on weather) or available all year around?

1 year ago
Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

Now that's a plan! We have 2 trips for this one next year, 1 in may and the 2nd in September...

1 year ago
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