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Untold Italy
A podcast about travel adventures, food and culture in Italy

Explore Italy's favorite destinations and lesser known corners by joining our weekly chats with locals, expats and travelers. Host Katy Clarke uncovers compelling Italian stories, culture, dishes and wonders to help you plan and enrich your own travels to the boot whether you're headed to Rome, the villages of Sicily or the hills of Umbria.

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8 months ago

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Founder, Untold Travel Media

Ciao friends, I'm Katy the founder and host of Untold Italy a travel podcast that aims to inspire visitors to explore the Italian peninsula from top to toe. Launched in January 2020, we perservered through the darkest days of the pandemic to bring stories and hope to Italy loving travelers who were not able to visit their favorite places and connect to Italian culture, food and wine in the way they would like.

Each week we feature fellow travelers, trip planning advice and experts in Italian history, food and culture to help inspire future trips to Italy and rekindle memories of travels past.

Currently in the top 20 travel podcasts for the US, Canada and Australia, we're always interested in hearing from people wanting to share their unique experiences in Italy. Episode sponsorship is also available. Contact Katy at for more information.

8 months ago
Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

Hey Katie, we just launched our Italian version of our tuk-tuk adventures in an claissic Italian Ape Calesino. We also. Id love to chat to you about them if you would like, and why we think its one of the best ways to explore Italy. Let me know if youre interested. You can see an example of what i mean right here:

8 months ago
Blogger & Coffee Drinker, Traveling Honeybird

This is a great podcast! Love ya work Katy

8 months ago
President + Founder, Inside Europe Experiences

Congrats, happy to chime in if you are looking for guest speakers that love taking the roads less traveled.

2 months ago
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