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Tarakanivskyy Fortress
Abandoned fortress in the middle of a forest in Ukraine

This gem is hidden away near the town of Dubno and isn’t on the usual list of things to see in Ukraine. Tarakanivskyy Fortress consists of many tunnels connecting buildings in a fortress. The history of the fortress is somewhat mysterious with rumours of being haunted.

It is not an official attraction so there are no facilities like parking, ticket office etc. It is the perfect place for the curious but please enter at own risk and be careful.

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1 month ago
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Travel blogger, author, documentary producer, podcaster, speaker, GlobalGaz

Was not aware of this fortress. Will have to add it to my list to visit!

1 month ago
Creative Director, Global Convoy

We happened to stumble across it when we were driving through and it was really cool to explore!

1 month ago
General director, Global Convoy

Really amazing place with a lot of history, crazy how it's just open to the public

1 month ago
Owner, Cultural Perspectives Limited

Currently working on a European Cultural Route project that celebrates 20th century Totalitarian architecture and this certainly qualifies. Info at

16 days ago
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