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Operation Groundswell

Backpacking with a purpose for socially conscious travellers
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September 2021
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Operation Groundswell offers travel and learning service experiences around the world. We're all about cultural exchange, grassroots activism and off-the-beaten path adventure!

Our aim is to build a community of travellers who are socially, environmentally and politically aware of the place we visit and the places we call home.

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Team Leader, Ssamba Foundation

Hell there,

I am Isaac Ssamba, the Founder and Team leader at Ssamba Safaris, Founder and Executive Chairman at Ssamba Foundation and a Travelersโ€™ Host at Ssamba Homestay (Mukono Volunteers' Home). I am an adventure travel and road trips addict and so I founded a knit-community of adventure seekers which I named- Vacation Hunters โ€“ East Africa.

I have checked your website and I see you offer programs in Tanzania, and I thought the next destination might be Uganda. If you choose Uganda as your next destination for adventure or volunteer holiday for your clients, I would like to be your development partner through my Ssamba Foundation.

Ssamba Foundation is a registered non-profit community development organization founded in Mukono District, Uganda. We manage a wide range of sustainable development and humanitarian projects since 2006.

I organize and arrange volunteer placements for people who are interested in giving back to the communities while on their holiday in Uganda. Programs range from Teaching, Healthcare, Working with Refugees, Wildlife Conservation, Agriculture & Farm work, Environment Conservation, Games and Sports, Construction and so many other projects.

Please let me know if you would like to learn more about me and the organization. You can also check out our website-

2 years ago
Social Entrepreneur, Hara World

After over a year of lockdowns, Iโ€™m sure many of us have wondered how we can make a difference, cultivate social change, and use business as a force for liberation. Weโ€™ve definitely all wondered when weโ€™d be able to travel again. And we knew that going forward travel had to be done better, positively impacting people, animals and the planet.

So, we thought, if anyone would know how to make travel powerful and purposeful, it would be the OG community. And thatโ€™s why weโ€™re bringing our community of backpackers, students, educators, and tourism professionals together to share ideas, innovations, and projects that will help build the future of travel with our #LetsRethinkTravel challenge.

The #LetsRethinkTravel Challenge invites our community of young leaders to bring the travel industry of the future to life with a focus on:

1. Accessibility, diversity and inclusion
2. Preserving local cultures
3. Environmental justice

As a creative challenge, participants are welcome to share their stories through their chosen art form:
- Written stories
- Visual and digital arts
- Photography
- Film
- Podcast/audio storytelling

Our top three stories in each art category will receive publication on Causeartist, as well as prizes ranging from free OG programs to sponsored gear that supports their storytelling abilities.

Jump over to to join the Rethink Travel community and enter the #LetsRethinkTravel Challenge!

The challenge runs until November 19, 2021.

2 years ago (edited)