AI & Travel - Opportunity or a passing trend?

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024
Hosted by Rudi Medved
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About this event

Join us for a focused discussion on AI's impact, challenges, and opportunities in the travel industry.

This event, organized in partnership with Slovenian Travel Press, features expert insights from Klemen Furlan, director of the company HopGuides.

Klemen is a travel professional skilled in AI technology in the travel sector. They've successfully integrated AI into personalized tour guides, enhancing user experiences while supporting sustainable tourism practices.

Their AI-driven solutions have transformed the way tourists interact with destinations, bringing a seamless blend of cultural depth and technological sophistication to the tourism industry.

The debate will be moderated in Slovene language by Rudi Medved and Marjana Grčman.

Why should you attend?

🔥Understand the direct impact of AI on travel industry trends and operations
🔥Learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents to travel professionals
🔥Network with experts and peers interested in technology and travel

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Location: Best Western Premier Hotel Slon
Duration: 1hr + networking
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