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Travel Gluten Free

A podcast about gluten-free travel
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August 2022
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The Travel Gluten Free Podcast offers advice on gluten-free options, how to travel gluten-free, how to find gluten-free restaurants, and how to be gluten-free.

On the podcast you can listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle. I love to give useful gluten-free travel advice. I've got tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to navigate your next travel adventure safely. Listen in on interviews with creators of fantastic gluten-free foods, gluten-free travel snacks, and information on how to travel gluten-free in National Parks.

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Travel Gluten Free started after a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway. During the start of this trip, and recently found out I can't eat gluten, I realized that traveling gluten-free was difficult. I looked up online to see what advice I could find, and no one had information on how to travel gluten-free. Although there were blogs about different restaurants and places to eat in different countries, I didn't find information on the "how-to" of travel. Knowing that I wasn't the only person with Celiac disease who loved to travel, I thought that my knowledge of how to travel gluten-free would be helpful to others as well! That's when I decided to start my podcast Travel Gluten Free!

7 months ago