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Does your blog have a liability disclaimer?

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Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger, Superbubbie

I am new to travel blogging and am concerned about readers following suggestions in a blog and getting injured as a result.

2 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Merle, that's an interesting question.

What kind of activities and destinations are you writing about?

If you're blogging about general city guides, etc then I would find it difficult that anyone could get injured and find your blog liable because they followed a restaurant recommendation and fell down some stairs.

If your blog is about activities that have risk β€” for example, hiking solo β€” then probably you should stick a disclaimer in your blog terms and conditions.

1 month ago (edited)
Freelance Writer and Travel Blogger, Superbubbie

Thanks Ian. My blog will include stories about seniors and what keeps them aging in a positive direction. The audience may try what is being recommended by their peers - for example, exercise, natural remedies, riding a motorcycle etc.

1 month ago