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About me

Ingyin's here! I'm a former aircraft engineer who is now attempting full-time travel around the world with a third-world passport. I love photography, filmmaking, cooking, hiking, climbing and all thing adventure!

I rock climbed in Singapore and around Asia for a good 5 years and looking for opportunities involving outdoors photography projects! Do hit me up to discuss more!


  • Definitely eating for me :) Also I will walk around to take pictures. Finding good trails in nature also is a priority for me when I'm in a new place

  • Thank you for the video! Amazing hikes! Would love to do Trans Bhutan and the Lost Trek one day! Also glad to see some of the hikes I'm planning to do this year in it :)

  • Hi everyone, taking my career break this year and starting my solo travel soon to NZ, US, Peru and Mexico! Will be my first time travelling to South America, striking off my Machu Picchu bucket list! Super stoked! Hope everyone having a nice day