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April 2022
Send your photos as real postcards worldwide

Create and send your own personalized photo postcards and greeting cards online, or download the free postcard app to send cards on the go wherever you are.

MyPostcard's team stamp and mail all your postcards - worldwide.

From anywhere to everywhere. 💌 🌍

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2 months ago

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Content & Community, Travel Massive

A friend showed me this and I'm obsessed. You can send postcards with your photos everywhere in the world, with a personalized printed message. They have all kinds of other products as well, like photo albums or audio cards.

3 months ago
Travel Designer & Coach, Laissez Faire Travel Co.

love this concept! i am an avid postcard sender but found out abut mid-way through my travels in south america that some counties don't have courier systems in place. downloading this app now!

3 months ago
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