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Impact Travel Alliance

A global community and nonprofit aimed at improving the world through travel
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February 2021
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Impact Travel Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit and community for socially and eco-conscious travelers. We talk about sustainable travel in a way that’s fresh, approachable and cool. Our conscious travelers connect digitally through The Lounge, and learn more about sustainable travel through our in-person meet-ups and online articles.

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Executive Director, Impact Travel Alliance

My name is Kelley & I'm the co-founder of Impact Travel Alliance! More details on our org below...

Impact Travel is a community of conscious travelers. You can engage IRL or online. We produce educational & fresh content to inspire you to travel in a way that is more sustainable.

We always talk about sustainability through a positive lens (intentionally avoiding language like “responsible tourism,” or a laundry list of things you can’t do). We spotlight best-in-class examples of sustainability in a no-frills, conversational way.

15 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Kelley, thanks for dropping by and congrats on the new website update this year. Excited to see the launch of your community lounge!

14 days ago (edited)
Digital Strategist & Community Manager

Good to hear from you, Ian - it's been a while! The Lounge has been up and running for a few months, but is still very much in beta.

14 days ago
Executive Director, Impact Travel Alliance

Thank you, Ian!

12 days ago