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How To Be A Responsible Underwater Photographer

A guide to responsible scuba diving photography
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August 2022
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🤿 Learn how to be a more responsible diver with this underwater photography guide from Coconut Odyssey — a scuba diving and photography blog.

Photographing marine life behaviour on camera is exciting, however can endanger marine life and other scuba divers. This guide covers best practices for taking photos underwater in a responsible way, including:

• How to observe marine life
• Setting your focus on night dives
• Handling a strong current with your camera

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Wildlife Travel Blogger, Coconut Odyssey

Hi, It's Michelle here! I've travelled to over 30 countries around the world seeking out the best destinations for wildlife safaris and scuba diving. Ensuring we do this as sustainable as possible is key.

Let me know if scuba diving is on your bucket list or maybe you're already qualified?

7 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Thanks for these tips!

I did a dive on the barrier reef in Australia many years ago, and I bought a cheap underwater camera to try. I got some great shots of a passing turtle, but there was a temptation to keep following it to “get a better shot”.

I’d also add that taking photos of fellow divers underwater is also a challenge - while trying to pose for a photo my friends sat their tanks on and broke some coral. It’s not worth it for a photo.

7 months ago (edited)
Wildlife Travel Blogger, Coconut Odyssey

Hey Ian!

Diving the barrier reef is still on my bucket list! I bet it was awesome!

It's so easy to get carried away with excitement when you spot marine life and we all make mistakes but it's learning from those mistakes and remembering to reign yourself in.

Taking photos of fellow divers can be challenging, as it's all about bouyacy for everyone in that moment. Try taking pics out in the blue of fellow divers or closer to the surface (you'll have more light that way aswell)

Happy Diving!

7 months ago