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Hamburg Travel Massive

A travel community in Hamburg
Community leader Marina Selikowitsch
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Hamburg goes beyond trade and seafaring, it is also the home of innovative & creative tourism and travel business and a strong player in Germany´s start-up scene. Water and wind mark our everyday life, we enjoy celebrating the sympathy for our St. Pauli kickers, gazing at our sailors or watching the world through the eyes of artists in several galleries, and one thing is for sure, we all have at least once ended up at the famous fish market, in the Reeperbahn, our red-light district, or watching shipping containers while drinking an Alster beer.

Travel Massive Hamburg looks forward to going away from formal and fixed structures (Yeah! We go from “Sie” to “Du”) and wish to create a room for 3Is: inspiration, involvement and interaction of people that love travelling and want to improve and contribute to Hamburg´s fast-changing and vibrant travel & tourism industry.

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