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GeoQuest Learn geography interactively

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GeoQuest is a simple but fun country guessing game, with a practice mode and daily quest.
☕️ If you enjoy the game, you can buy the author a coffee at www.buymeacoffee.com/woutdp

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Founder, Travel Massive

Discovered this country guessing game (thanks @daamsie) and I really like its simplicity and style. It also provides awards for achievements such as "5 in a row" which makes it kinda addictive!

💻 GeoQuest is also open-sourced over at github.com/woutdp/geoquest

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Co - Founder of Textomap.com, Textomap

Really nice! But When I answer wrong the correct answer isn't shown and I don't continue to the next question

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Yeah the game is hardcore, you’ve got to figure it out yourself !

10 months ago
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