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Creating a Business Plan in the tourism industry

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Independent, Travel4Nature

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an adequate business plan template more adjusted to the travel industry. I have looked online among the thousands of samples, as well as on Canvas etc but cannot really make up my mind. Before I continue looking for hours...is there anyone here with a suggestion? I am looking for something straighforward, simple, that needs to work mainly for Europe as I am based in Germany.

On the sideline: has anyone gone through using AI to fill administrative papers like that? (obviously by personalizing them and adjusting them as necessary). Can it be recommended?

Thank you!

22 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Dominique, thanks for asking your question here!

What kind of travel business are you developing? Eg. An inbound tour operator? Who is your target market? Are you looking for investment or business partners?

One way of developing a business plan is with a classic startup pitch deck. This is typically ~10 slides and covers the basics like market size, what problem you’re solving, competitor landscape, β€œwhy now?”, and revenue protection. I find the pitch deck a good way to structure and communicate your ideas for the business, and get feedback from others.

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Independent, Travel4Nature

Hi Ian!

As a biologist and my love for my Mediterranean home, I have been in the process of developing a project to bridge the gap between conservation and tourism. So it will basically focus on science based travel opportunities that should closely work with academia, research and active contribution towards the environment and people in the Mediterranean (like a large network of projects). Target would be soft adventure, often environmentally conscious travellers who are more likely to be younger generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z, likely with higher levels of education and income. But not only - as families and retired persons could also have an interest and that I do wish to make an impact. To be honest I have not determined yet "what I am" as itΒ΄s quite a large project. I am definitely urgently looking for investment and as I am drowning financially ( I have given everything up to do this, but I still have a family to feed and no income at the moment). Business partners - no idea where who how. I know that my project can work (I just got feedback from EVOR to apply as it looks good and I have gotten positive feedback from MEET and other) and I know it is an increasing market. To me..I have been dreaming of doing this for the past 12 years. I know the region as I grew up there 20 years within the tourism industry and I just absolutely breathe the region.

So any support help suggestions is so so welcomed :-) (desperately needed :-))

17 days ago
Independent, Travel4Nature

Thank you :) I will look into it. Had started using notion in the mean time.

17 days ago
Travel Blogger, Walk4Africa.org

Hi Dominique,

I've been writing tourism related business plans for decades and have developed a template with essential content sections. Happy to share the template with headings and content guidance.

For content research and statistical information, Google Bard (Genesis) is a handy tool but instruct the AI to include reference citations to cross-check facts and avoid copying content verbatim (use your own words). Once you have your (usually lengthy) business plan written, you'll find it easier to extract and condense key data to compile a pitch deck. Canva.com has several pitch deck templates that are easy to use.

Presumably, you've already registered the brand domain name, so the next step is to build a minimum viable product (MVP), usually a website (using the business plan for navigation/content guidance) and to test the validity of your concept. An MVP and user feedback is essential if you intend to secure co-founders/investors or apply with start-up incubators. If building a website is not viable at this stage, you could use an idea validation prototype like figma.com, although their Pro version comes at a monthly fee.

Hope the above helps and best wishes on your entrepreneurial journey.

15 days ago
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Creating a Business Plan in the tourism industry

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