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InRadius Discover local events near you

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InRadius is a web app to discover nearby events that match your interests (or create your own).

This app collects all event marketplaces and places locations on a map, where you can see distance and filter them by dates and types. Try out the beta at inradius.space ✌️

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Hi there! This is my startup, I would be happy to hear your feedback!

The story: Chapter One, Two and epilogue.

I love to travel a lot, and one day I got to a new city, explored all highlights in two hours, and realise that I want to stay here and meet new people. Of course, I wanted to be able to check all social networks, and forums, etc and find a kind of local meetup, but I stood on a street in the rain, and I didn't want to spend a couple of hours just clicking on my phone.

So I wondered why there is no app that accumulated all events in one place, where I can find them without spending a lot of time and where I can get to in 15-20 minutes. .... and........, I had found them! It was Facebook's local mobile app, Meetups, Eventbrite, etc. However all of them focused on big commercial events such as music festivals starting in one week or other events in the center of a big city that was too far from me. So all of them didn't solve my intention to meet new people and get new experiences in 2-4 hours before the train to a new destination.

That's why I have decided to collect all event marketplaces and places locations on a map, where I can see distance and filter them by dates and types — huuurraaa!

P.S: Currently inradiu.space is a beta version, with not too many events and not a nice interface.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Andrey, thanks for sharing your startup here on Travel Massive.

Initial impressions: The website is fast to load, easy to use, and there's content in many places around the world to explore so there's immediate value for anyone just checking it out. Well done!

Comments / Suggestions: I seemed to only be able to find tours. I could not find any meetups or other kinds of events. What are your plans to improve the data? I would actually prefer to turn tours off (since they can be found in any number of websites) and only see things like meetups.

Questions: What data-sources are you currently feeding from? e.g. Eventbrite, etc. Perhaps you can add Travel Massive events to your list of sources? (www.travelmassive.com/events). I could give you a structured data format (JSON) for that if you like.

1 year ago (edited)

Hey Ian, thanks for the feedback.
currently, tours have 60% of all events and sprayed in the world, that's why you see them, but used filters, you can switch them off!

Currently, I'm using the most friendly APIs that provide for everyone. Eventbrite, Facebook local app, e t c have some tricky, not easy to download them all automatically, that's why I didn't connect them yet, but definitely, I'm working on it.

of course, I will be happy to add Travel Massive events if you have API with JSON, if you don't I can add them anyway manually (a bit more job and time in this case).

1 year ago
Partner, Yolovivo

Hi Andrey, welcome to travel
Massive and the best for your start up . I wonder about the languages used , countries such as Panama …

1 year ago

Hi Louis!
seems Panama used Spanish, if you checked my translation to Spanish and English, you see a curve translation because I'm using auto translator from the original language)))

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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