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Brave-ish One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty

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"Brave-ish: One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After Fifty" is a memoir by travel writer Lisa Niver.

Feeling like a failure, pushing fifty, and moving home to her parents’ house to start again from scratch after a rotten romance, Niver started taking one tiny β€œbrave-ish” step at a time to take her life far away from the old one and into the adventurous world of travel writing.

These small hurdles led to the challenge of trying fifty new things before turning fifty. Niver found herself traversing the world on a journey of reinvention, personal growth, and discovering what it means to be β€œbrave.”

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Travel Journalist & Podcast Host at MakeYourOwnMap, We Said Go Travel LLC

Thank you to the Travel Massive community for all of your support for so many years. I have loved going to meet ups in LA, NY and SF! I loved all your help last year for my trip to Chicago.

I started my website, We Said Go Travel, in 2010 and have been a digital nomad on an off. since then. I worked on cruise ships and at Club Med for seven years before I started the website. During the COVID Coaster, I was at home in Los Angeles, CA, for more than 400 days the longest I have been anywhere.

During that time I wrote about my 50 challenges before 50 that I undertook as a way to reinvent myself after my divorce. I signed with an agent in 2021 and he sold the book to the publisher in 2022 and the book will be LIVE and LAUNCHED September 19, 2023! It is available at all major platforms--Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Walmart and Bookshop. There is a digital e-book, paperback and the audio book will be out later this year. THE BEST way to buy it is at your LOCAL bookstore!

I have book events in many cities -- I hope to see you somewhere soon in person.

THANKS for all your support!

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