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Any feminist guides out here?

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Founder & tour guide, Prague Feminist Tours

Hi, I'm Averil Huck (new to this platform!) 👋 I'm a feminist tour guide in Prague, Czech Republic. I was wondering whether there were any other fellow guides focusing on feminist/queer history or other ethical topics. Should we start a new Topic specifically on these topics?

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Averil,

Welcome to our community. Here's a few tips:

1. I'd recommend to explore the #diversity topic for projects and initiatives in this space. Also take a look at the #women-in-travel topic. Note, these hashtags are links.

2. You can also use the keyword search at travelmassive.com/community to find members with relevant interests in their bios.

Hope you find these helpful!

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Founder & tour guide, Prague Feminist Tours

Hi Ian, thank you! I've actually already found these topics and started following them. I'm curious to follow future discussions there.

5 months ago
Founder & CEO, Narrated Guide

Hey Averil, would you be interested in contributing to Narrated Guide (www.narratedguide.com)?

We are looking to collaborate with more local tour guides and travel writers and I think feminist/queer history tours would be a fantastic addition. As someone who's gay and a feminist, I would certainly be interested 🙋‍♀️.

What is Narrated Guide?
In short, we provide travellers with the resources they need to go on self-guided tours. This includes:
- Storytelling audio guides for points of interest (as well as text).
- Each guide is available in different languages (currently available in English and Chinese, with more languages to be added shortly).
- Each guide comes with a suggested itinerary with mapped routes.

I think the self-guided option would be a great complementary service for your in-person tours!

What's in it for you?
- You'll be helping travellers who can't make a specific time or simply prefer to guide themselves.
- Good passive income! You only need to write the content once, we’ll handle the audio and translation into other languages. Each time a guide sells, you’ll receive a payment!
- You will always have full control over the pricing and your content. If you want to stop working together at any time, we'll make sure it's taken off the shelves.
- Free marketing for you. We will advertise and market your in-person tours as well!

If this is something you'd be interested in, I'd love to discuss more in detail.

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Founder & tour guide, Prague Feminist Tours

Hi Kaycee, thank you for your message. I'm curious to learn more about your initiative. We can get in touch via email and have a call someday maybe? Here's my email address: praguefemtours@proton.me

5 months ago
Founder & CEO, Narrated Guide

Fab! I've just sent you an email ✌️.

5 months ago
Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel

Hi there! I founded Stellavision Travel (www.stellavisiontravel.com) – A feminist-minded, moveable, touring, meeting-point where like-minded people connect. We specialize in boutique style travel through Italy, showcasing what you can't find on Google and introducing you to be locals you'd never meet on your own. I created Stellavision so that solo female travelers could find their tribe in an all-inclusive environment, this means all self-identifying women are welcome - and celebrated - here. We have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination of any kind.

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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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