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24 Hours in New Orleans
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August 2021
A video exploring why the "Big Easy" is one of America’s favorite cities

Our first State in our series “50 States in a Year” is Louisiana. We had 24 hours in New Orleans to do, see and eat as much as possible.

We explored the french quarter, ate beignets at Cafe du Monde and Cafe Beignet (and compared the two), strolled the garden district, caught the sunset over St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, walked Bourbon Street, and ate some great Louisiana food!

While 24 hours in New Orleans is hardly enough time to scratch the surface of this amazing city, it doesn’t take long to discover why the “Big Easy” is one of America’s favorite cities!

Let us know your favorite things to do in New Orleans, and be sure to check out our “24 Hours in New Orleans Itinerary - What To Do, See and Eat” Blog!

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1 year ago

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Travel creator

Such a fun edit! I love this!

1 year ago
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