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Swapoffi Home swap community for digital nomads

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Swapoffi is a community of verified home swappers who swap homes with each other when they work and travel.

Our community is built on a shared value of not paying for accommodation, so our members can travel and work in comfort without worrying about the cost of accommodation.

πŸ‘‰ Learn how it works at swapoffi.com/how-swapoffi-works/

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Hi everyone, we are a self funded Irish / Spanish start-up. If you share our vision of more accommodation options, and more affordable and sustainable ways of travelling for digital nomads, please join our free community or tell your remote working pals about Swapoffi.

πŸ‘‹ You can learn more about our story at swapoffi.com/about/

Airbnb normalised staying in other people's homes from 2008. Since then, the home stay market has boomed, with fast growing niches in pet sitting and house sitting. Remote work has transformed not just how we work, but how we live.

For 35 million digital nomads around the world, the cost of accommodation determines if they travel? where they travel? and for how long ? They also need reliable internet, and a fit for purpose workspace. Swapoffi's home swapping service eliminates these three challenges.

Everyone can browse homes but only verified members can request swaps. Homes of all sizes and shape are welcome to join our community but a workspace and wifi are mandatory as our members work as they travel.

Cities like Barcelona, and recently New York, have introduced legislation to curtail short term private rental accommodation in a bid to protect local property and prices. Home swapping is a sustainable way to travel as we use existing homes, many of whom would be empty as their owners or tenants travel.

Following our launch in June this year, we have homes in 25 countries, have been shortlisted for Travel Start Up of the Year (Travolution, London, October 26th 2023) and our first swaps have taken place with 5* reviews.

Those members say the home swapping "is the future of travel" and "is the new Airbnb". They love the personal connection with other members, all the comforts and facilities you get staying in a real home, and of course the financial benefits.

Thank-you! Denise

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CEO, Founder, Mentor, MSU-InvokeXR-RedyXR-HawkenAQ

I hope your concept is successful. With the challenges of regulations and market saturation in the traditional Short-term rental (Airbnb) industry, alternatives are needed.

7 months ago

Thankyou Eric,
Exactly ! It's all about choice, and affordability and sustainability.
Appreciate your sentiments.

7 months ago

I already registered and I really love the concept of home swapping for digital nomads. Keep it going!

7 months ago

Thanks a million John! We have an affiliate programme if you want to get rewards for spreading the word about us ? Really appreciate your support. Denise

7 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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