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Christopher Rudder

I am a day trip and road trip expert who, with my team, writes high-quality, search-engine-optimized travel articles, itineraries and reviews for my websites, Road Trip Ontario and Rudderless Road Trips and other online publications.
In addition, with everyone turning to video platforms like YouTube and TikTok, I am a skilled videographer and editor who can bring destinations to life. Also, as an audio editor with a sexy voice, you can find me co-hosting the Road Trip Ready Podcast with my co-host Danille Desir Corbett.

Why Multi-stop Road Trips?
Life is a highway. But if you don’t get off it now and then, you’ll miss all the hidden gems—the best parts of the journey.

Why Day Trips?
Sure, all the action, history and culture (in terms of Art Galleries and Museums), nightlife, top restaurants, and more can be found in the cities. Still, all the country’s traditions, stunning nature, customs, gems, origin stories and off-the-beaten-path stories are outside the city limits.

August 2016
25 events
I love creating travel content using various mediums and sharing it. I also love teaching and learning from others who share the same passion for travel.