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Marveh Frhoodi
Founder, Ethnomad

I am a human-centred designer, passionate about bringing people together across many axes of difference to build shared grounds and values for land and communities in harmony with Mother Nature and their roots.
This passion led my path exploring and living with many rural, indigenous, and under-resources urban communities, Studying sustainable tourism management and enabling projects that shape from within the local context and create tangible outcomes for their collective well-being.
I value tourism and travel capacity, as a strong way of sharing stories and building care and respect for diversity of cultures and ways of life, but equally as a strategic tool to generate well-being, wealth and welfare for people and places provided that it is locally initiated and owned, and grounded on the deep understanding of, and respect for ecological balance, social and economic equity.

April 2021
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I am at the early stage of developing a social enterprise focused on women-led community tourism. I see this platform a great place to connect with o